Dry Cleaning

We are the easy and affordable way to clean your gown or dress after the big day. Get the best clean dresses in the shortest time.
Wedding gowns need special attention because they are usually made of delicate fabric and lace. The best way to preserve them is to dry clean them. The process removes dirt and stains that require a lot of force to remove. Dream Dress For Less is here to offer you the best dry cleaning service in Nanaimo. Our professional dry cleaning service allows you to schedule a time when experts will do the best work for you. We work on all types of fabric, whether it’s silk, satin, silk velvet, or polyester. Also, our experts prevent any unwanted chemicals from going through the dress and ruining the fabric of your special moment.

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Dry Clean

Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialist

Dry cleaning is the safest option for wedding dresses. You will find our professionals a reputable dry cleaner that will take care of the gown with utmost care. We will clean your delicate fabric without damaging it. Nobody will clean your dress in the way we do because we know the value of that dress in your life. A fully trained team of Dream Dress for Less thoroughly inspects the gown and, after that, by using the latest technology, removes stains and dust from the dress. We remain gentle while removing stains from your big day dress. After cleaning your gown, we pack it securely so that you can store it easily and use it when desired.